What Should I Do If My Wife Wants to File for Divorce?

What Should I Do If My Wife Wants to File for Divorce Photo

Even if you do not have kids, marital property, and some of your relatives don’t like your wife, it’s worth fighting for the future of your family. After all, true love is not so easy to find. Since you have married this woman, it means you love her, and you need her. Fight for her! Get serious about it, while she has not left you yet.

First, do not get overly concerned immediately, as sometimes the threat of divorce is simply not real. This may be a scare tactic by her. However,you will need to deal with the problems that made her file for divorce.

You should talk to your wife. Try to understand her. Suggest to your wife that you both take some time to talk. Be patient and plan to write some things down. Sit down and write down peacefully what you like and dislike about each other. Even if your wife is the initiator of the divorce, let her write down the reasons. Then read each other’s notes. First, read silently. Then start to ask each other questions one at a time. Give your wife a chance to be the first to ask questions and voice complaints. Try to listen carefully to what she says and respond to her calmly and honestly. After discussing, try to come to a compromise with each other. Sometimes you can come to an agreement by just talking. Discuss the conditions that you can both agree on. After that, do the psychological trick – burn the piece of paper on which your shortcomings, claims, and dissatisfaction of your wife are written down. Do this together, each of you holding sheets of paper that you’ve written on with one hand. Let her hold the paper, and you put your hand on top of her hand. Throw the ashes out of the window at night. This is a psychological method of parting with negatives from the past.

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There is one more trick and that is – hugs. Make a point of it to hug every day at a certain time. This is a must, even if feelings are not great at that time. Hug each other while stroking each others back. Stand like that for at least a minute.

Be sure to say “Good morning” to each other using an affectionate nickname that you like to call each other. And before going to sleep make sure to say “Good night” to each other.

Sometimes the best thing you can do in this situation is to turn to a psychologist. There is a special category of family psychologists who know their business well. They help couples who are in a state of discord. Encourage your wife to visit a psychologist together with you. If she still has feelings for you, she will agree to it.

Do not agree to go and sign for the divorce no matter how she asks you. It is easier and faster to sign for the divorce, than to go to court. It’s better for you to have time to be able to think about some things concerning the relationship. Do not make concessions to your wife about the divorce.

There are ways for you to find out if your wife has a lover. She may not be the one to tell you if this is true. Sometimes you can find out through friends or colleagues.

But most of all you should simply take a deeper look at yourself. Consider your own actions and how this is making your wife feel unloved and giving her the desire for a divorce.

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