My Wife Wants a Divorce — How Can I Change Her Mind?

My Wife Wants a Divorce — How Can I Change Her Mind photo

In almost every case, both spouses are to blame for a divorce. Nonetheless, many people choose to blame their significant other instead of looking at their own mistakes and facing the truth. There’s simply no need to divide each other into guilty and not guilty. Perhaps your failure to own your mistakes isn’t entirely your fault because you were previously unaware of the importance of doing so. Luckily, the fact that repairing the marriage is equally your responsibility suggests that you have the power to save your marriage. Of course, you will need to work hard in order to do that. Start by simply listening to your wife and doing your best to understand her.

A woman’s family is very important to her. Most women will do almost anything to keep their families together. Many women are even prepared to ward off mistresses from their husbands and fight for their love. Therefore, if your wife decided to leave you, it is likely that there are very significant reasons behind her decision. It was hardly spontaneous; evidently, she had been considering it for a long time and was internally struggling with this decision.

Now that she is gone, it is necessary to stop exhibiting the behaviors she does not like—things that she finds unattractive, or even repulsive.

What she does not want to see from a man:

• Neediness; a needy and buckling man without a strong moral fiber, who would do anything to be with her, while completely devaluing himself in her eyes
• Giving too much of himself without expecting something in return (for example, a man texting her too often without reacting to the fact that she responds coldly)
• Negativity and depression
• Dumping his negative emotions on her and constantly demanding something from her
• An inability to value himself
• An inability to value her

How do I get my wife back before she goes through with the divorce?

Unfortunately, if your wife wants a divorce, you may not know how to behave and what actions to take to convince her to change her mind. First, you need to think about whether you truly need to get your spouse back. Perhaps you were dissatisfied with something in your marriage for a long time, and you also thought about leaving. It’s possible that, now, you are obsessing over your hurt feelings. You may think that it is important to get your wife back because you are trying to prove something to yourself; this dynamic will still be doomed in the end. This is exactly why you must first weigh everything and think it over. Consider the areas of your life in which your wife held you back, as well as the things you can do now that you’re alone. You are now free to hang out with your friends unrestricted, without being accountable to her; go wherever you want; and lie on the couch watching TV all day if you wish to. All things considered, if the scale still weighs in favor of reuniting with your wife, then you must put the work in to fix your marriage.

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You may hope it will be enough to talk to your wife, find out the reason why she left, apologize, give her flowers, and then, she will decide to come back to you… no such luck. Reconciliation after she has left home requires sufficient time. Whatever you choose to do now, you can be certain that you will not get her back right away. She will not run back to you in a heartbeat, despite your various promises to her. Most likely, she no longer trusts you or she has run out of patience with you, meaning that it will not be very easy to win her back. If you put pressure on your spouse, then you will simply cause her to react negatively, and she will unconsciously reject you. You shouldn’t text or call her constantly. She already amped herself up for a long time until she chose to break off the relationship with you; you can’t expect her to immediately go back on her decision. However, with the right actions, you can break down the barriers that she has willfully set up.

In simple terms, your actions should be unobtrusive. They should be such that your wife will come to see that she made a huge mistake when she left you. As we already established, attempts to persuade her will not help. You will have to prove that you are the best option for her. Your wife did not like something about you, and now you need to sort yourself out in order to discover the aspects of yourself that you need to work on. In addition to improving your internal qualities, I strongly recommend you work on your appearance by becoming more stylish and fashionable, and taking better care of yourself. Your clothes, teeth, nails, hair, and shoes—everything must be clean and pristine. You should not be repulsive in any way. If you decide to talk to your wife again, then it should only happen after you make all these changes to yourself.

The best solution is to change yourself by becoming a successful man, climbing the career ladder and doing everything possible to ensure that your wife learns about your successes. In this way, you will easily be able to get her back. Most likely, you will not have to initiate contact with your wife or explain anything. Your wife will begin to appear in your life. If a man is attractive and successful, and many women like him, then his wife will not miss the opportunity to get back together again. A woman would hardly want to lose a man who is confident in himself and makes good money. However, there are cases in which she would still pass up this type of man; thus, why you need to understand the true reasons why your beloved wife left you.

To get to the bottom of why your wife left you, you can write out all of her recent complaints and claims against you. Once you’ve finished, look for patterns and identify her recurring complaints about you. More than likely, those are the reasons why your wife left. Immediately begin working on them and show your wife the changes you’ve made. This is key because it is not enough to simply say to your wife, “Honey, I have changed and everything will be fine if you come back to me.” Instead, you must indirectly influence her decision through exhibiting the changes in your actions. Some things you can do include telling her the right stories, as well as subtlety exuding your presence in her surroundings and social networks (i.e. through social media).

Often, wives begin to call and arrange meetings once they see changes in their husbands. As time goes on, they may openly offer to reunite. However, there is no guarantee that this will happen. You can only achieve this outcome if you respond to the time apart appropriately, without allowing yourself to be torn by emotions or make silly mistakes.

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