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How to Get My Wife to Become Interested in Me Again?

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All men use astoundingly similar tactics when attempting to win their ex-wives back. Many of them quickly realize that their efforts to persuade her are useless; this will only elicit unwanted pity. Obviously, using threats and blackmail will turn their wives away from them forever. How can a man re-ignite his ex-wife’s interest in him so as to win her back? Is it possible? Nothing is impossible; furthermore, getting your wife back is not as difficult as it may initially seem. As you may imagine, it is actually much more difficult to hold her interest after she agrees to return. Surely, if she leaves for the second time, it’s likely to be the last time. Thus, it is important to immediately begin to address all of the mistakes you made in the marriage. When you first met your wife, you were both attracted to each other; you wanted to spend as much time together as possible. What has changed since then? Why did everything go wrong?

My Wife Wants a Divorce — How Can I Change Her Mind?

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In almost every case, both spouses are to blame for a divorce. Nonetheless, many people choose to blame their significant other instead of looking at their own mistakes and facing the truth. There’s simply no need to divide each other into guilty and not guilty. Perhaps your failure to own your mistakes isn’t entirely your fault because you were previously unaware of the importance of doing so. Luckily, the fact that repairing the marriage is equally your responsibility suggests that you have the power to save your marriage. Of course, you will need to work hard in order to do that. Start by simply listening to your wife and doing your best to understand her.

A Letter to Your Wife to Save Your Marriage

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When was the last time you remembered romance in our cynical twenty-first century? When did you last give your wife flowers, light candles, or write her letters? Yes, yes—letters! That’s right! In family therapy, psychologists recommend writing letters to your wife as one of the most significant and effective methods to resolve conflicts. Simply put, writing a letter for someone to read is a very constructive way to deescalate and solve conflicts. It’s unfortunate that, today, this method is often mistaken for being behind the times. We tend to limit ourselves to using text messages, e-mails, and applications such as Viber and WhatsApp. In the twentieth century, it was customary to write letters for any reason: to invite a person for dinner, to talk with him about work, to inform him of a visit, and to express feelings to the person in general.